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Integrated Archives Management

  • Digital Preservation
  • Integrated Searching
  • Project Management
  • Archival workflow management
  • Physical Records Center management
  • Patron Research management
  • Records Officer testing and certification
  • Retention schedules and finding aids
  • Simplified migration from Archivist's Toolkit
  • Complete Support and Tailoring services

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  1. Read the AXAEM datasheet
  2. View a brief flash demo
  3. Request a guided demo



AXAEM Open Source Project

Collaboration is a vital part of any successful Open Source project.  AXAEM is no different.

 It is essential that users of the application consider the community benefits of enhancements and design changes made to AXAEM.

Open Source Project Collaboration

The concept of collaboration is key to the success and ongoing development of an Open Source project.  Several concepts need to be understood and agreed to.

  1. When enhancements are made, they should be developed in a modular way.  Once made available to the project, their deployment will be simplified, and they can be removed as simply as they were installed.  This concept is called  a "plug-in", and it is vital to the successful management of an open source application.  As you can imagine, contributions made to the core source code will cause issues with versions, source code management, determining what a "release" is, and others.  By enhancing the application with plug-ins, enhancements are managed outside of the core code and are much easier to add or remove.  They are independent programs that add a feature or capability to the base product, without directly affecting it.
  2. Application plug-ins should be documented in the wiki below, so that others in the community may review the purpose and benefits of it to allow an informed decision on installation.
  3. When new releases of AXAEM are made, all plug-ins must be tested or modified to work with the new version of the application.  This will provide a means to maintain currency with new releases.  If a plug-in is not tested or updated, it will be withdrawn from the plug-in catalog of the subsequent release. 

AXAEM Collaboration tools

APPX Software, Inc. will manage the website you are viewing, as well as several additional sites to provide you, the user with a means to collaborate with your community.  We have established a wiki to allow the contribution of ideas, best practices, hints, tips, and experiences.  We suggest that you visit the AXAEM wiki here:i  Please review the wiki and contribute to it on a regular basis.  AXAEM will become a better application with that effort.

There is an AXAEM project website here.  This is where we will maintain the technical issues, release notes, and items related to the deployment, installation, and support of AXAEM.  This is where you will notify us of anomalies, installation issues, and other support related issues.

We will hold regular WebEx sessions to review planned updates and enhancements to AXAEM.  You are invited to these sessions by maintaining contact with APPX Software by establishing a user id on this website.

The AXAEM Open Source Project

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